Saturday, August 7, 2010

How now.....

Confused. What am I going to do now.
My HK visa is being screwed up, so I didn’t went HK for my internship.
Now working part time for ex-boss, AC.
CY is trying to link me up in China for internship.
But when I was talking to daddy and mummy. It seem that they wanted me to stay back instead.
Honesty, I didn’t even think of having my internship in spore since I was planning to go away for 2 years.
Hmmm… god tell me. What should I do now.
Good pay but have to stay back in Singapore or Low salary as internship but in China.
It seem so hard for me to decide now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

5am in the morning

5 am now in the morning. I cant get to sleep. Dont ask me why... Just took another cold bath.
Is the weather too hot or am i too excited to go back spore. Maybe it all add together, that why i'm not sleepy at all.
Nothing to do now, so decided to spend my time watching movie and shows to kill the time. Cant wait for friday to arrived...

2nd semester is finally over but bank issue is rising.

The worst nightmare i've now are all cleared. Finished all my presentation and now i'm free like a bird. After so many weeks of hardwork, all 7 modules had been cleared. I'm so happy.
Next thing to do is some shopping in hamburg and to pack my luggage and clean up the room to return the dorm keys.

Went to DB bank last friday. What happen to me! I dont know if i should cry or laugh. I received another bank card last week, so i took the card to clarify with the bank. I didnt apply for any card but yet they send me a new card. So what should i do with the card. When i went to the bank to clarify, the bank teller took away my old card and say they are replacing with the new one. So i should use my new card from now. The lady took the card and bend into half in front of me. Thinking that it was the bank that did that, so i'm okie. But when i try to use the new card to get a new pin code. The machine send out a message saying i cant withdraw any money. Immediately i went to the counter again to check. The lady was puzzled as well, so she approach another banker. Then she came back and tell me that the new card is to print only my monthly statement, i should use my old card to withdraw money. I was like WHAT.... then the lady ask me again where is my old card. I told me you just took my card and bend into half. She was like ............ OMG. She was feeling kind of sorry and say they will send me another card again within a week. I told her i'm leaving germany for a year, so how to send me the card. I was like going crazy at that point of time.
So now, i have only a card that can print only my monthly statement which is useless to me. I can only go directly to the bank to withdraw money. Haiz... what kind of service is this. Giving me nothing but problems.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drop Dead...

I'm so tired, both my legs is aching now. The next few days will be worse. Woke up so earlier in the morning to go to the bank to settle some issue. Have to go again next week to change the address.
Thursday still have to go auslander. Ah.... i'm too tired to walk all the way there.
Counting down to my return back home. Missing everyong back home now. As the dates is drawing near, i'm getting so much more excited.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yummy Yummy

Just finish cooking my lunch for the next few days. Yummy, can help trying a little 1st.
A lot of ingredient and a little of vermicelli.
I add: Paprika, corn, luncheon meat, few nuggets, mu er, mushroom….
This two weeks will be super busy with project submission and preparation of presentation.
By preparing my meals beforehand will be saving me lots of time.